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This study guide will help you pass your exams by giving you insightful information on how to learn more efficiently!

Learning smarter, not harder.

Do you struggle to retain information while studying? High Performance Learning Techniques are specially designed to help you retain and recall for improved results.

We have created the website, a high performance study guide, with smarter ways to learn and simple techniques to recall and response.

It is for senior secondary and university students to make their learning (and life) a lot easier, while achieving higher standards. Ten minutes or so is all it will take to grasp the bullet points in

Students will not only pass the exams, but pass with flying colours.

Website has all what the students will require to excel in exams. Imagine passing all exams with high grades that students proudly disclose in the CV for job applications.

Learning becomes much easier and quicker, saving time that could be diverted to socials, leisure, travel, sports, gym, with loved ones, etc.

Once the learners grasp a topic with the help of, they could remember their learning for life. There is no need for revision as learning is deep and clear. Imagine using your learning for problem solving when and where required.

Students will learn to answer questions quickly and more efficiently. With the techniques in, students will be able to recall the bullet points required to form a detailed answer to any question.

We have hit the nail on the head rather than writing detailed explanations and definitions to save you time. Examples given are real examples of answering techniques to possible exam
questions. These examples are authentic, and will not be found anywhere else.

Come closer to exams, students will not need to revise as students will know the answers by heart.

Before exams, students would be encouraged to take time off for leisure to be able to do even better in the exams. No late-night swotting would be required as this could make matters worse for you at the exams.

Students will pass the exams the first time without repetitions which could be embarrassing to them, friends and family. Failures bring stress etc. that harm your health as well. Repeat courses require money, and also there is a loss of revenue from spending another year at university rather than employment.

For NZ$8 investment in (one visit is all you would require), imaging the amount of benefits elsewhere.

With qualifications and/or better grades the chances of landing the dream job will be far greater in this competitive World. The modern World requires qualified people almost everywhere.

With in-depth knowledge, students will have a much better chance of promotions than the other staff competing for the same job.

All you need to do is apply your in-depth learning to
your current job which is being watched by your superiors. In no time, your superiors will realise who you are and what you are.

Students will perform better at work as they have strong qualifications that would bring out their learnings where and when required with the help of

A life should be a happy life. Not only one will be a much happier person, but all around them will be happier. This is what life is all about.

Imagine more money in your pocket. With better qualifications comes better performance at work. This increases your chance of better pay increments and also promotions for even more money.

Only 4 PAGES LONG of

✅ Learning Techniques
✅ Recall Techniques
✅ Answering Techniques

All which will take you only about 10 MINUTES to read.

The struggle to learn could become much easier, and save valuable time and money for repeat courses allowing you to move forward in life!

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Our Vision

With incomes, we intend to fight World’s hunger first by providing one nutritious meal in a poor village, and motivating the rich people of the World to do the same.

Then we take on poverty (providing tools, capital and equipment for farming/agriculture, seedlings for homegrown vegetables, plants for homegrown fruit, land scaping, painting, gardening, lawn maintenance, house maintenance, plant nursery, other small businesses, etc. etc).

All we need to do is to start up one village with the formation of a legitimate charitable organisation, and put all the details on website, including how it is run (auditors/accountants/Board/signatories/meetings/etc). Then we MOTIVATE, MOTIVATE and MOTIVATE all rich people of the World to do the same.

The Almighty is running the whole show, let’s all support the Almighty.

Next: And then we will cross the bridge when we come to it.

The Team's qualifications:
  • Management, Business,  Accounting & Adult Tutoring
  • Dip BUS, Dip MGT, retired ACA, ACAT, 11/13 modules Dip Adult Tch, NZ graduate with distinction &  NZ graduate

Ambika Prasad, an associate, has helped a number of tertiary students get through their qualifications in New Zealand during his five years tutoring in Private Training Establishments.
After lot of thought, he is bringing the learning techniques to all senior students via the website

Let's learn together

and make the world a better place

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This study guide will help you pass your exams by giving you insightful information on how to learn more efficiently!

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